Social Media – Facebook today saw this post “Today we delivered Matt Fisher’s petition in honour of my grandad Ian Canning. Thank you to everyone that signed, shared and supported this. As you can see all 200,000 signatures on 9,000 pages in the books being held by colleagues to take into the Department of Health and Social Care! We hope this makes a difference and are honoured that this is in Grandad Ian’s name ❤️🥰”

 The story behind the post:

Matt Fisher, a London Ambulance Paramedic created a petition to lower the retirement age of front line Ambulance staff from 67 to 60. He started the petition in honour of Ian Canning who dedicated his working life to the London Ambulance Service for 40 years and took early retirement in April 2018 but unfortunately Mr Canning passed away June 2018 at age 63. not even reaching retirement age for the service. The petition reached over 200 thousand signatures and was delivered to Matt Hancock MP – Leader of the Department of Health and Social Care on Monday, in the hope that it will be taken to parliament to be debated at a later stage.

Currently front line emergency ambulance staff have a retirement age of 67. Whilst working a full rotating shift pattern which is proven to shorten life span, it’s a job that is both physically and mentally demanding involving carrying heavy equipment and patients up and down stairs, facing arduous circumstances on a daily basis. Often working outside in challenging circumstances and conditions.

Ian Canning had retired at 63 after a 40 year career serving the public of London. Sadly he suddenly passed away 3 weeks later, leaving a partner, 4 children, 9 grandchildren and a great grandson that was born just after he passed away. Ian had been a very fit and healthy man to this point, and had not yet reached the official retirement age by almost 3 years.

Currently as legislation stands those in the ambulance service are treated the same as any other NHS employee with a retirement age of 67. However most other jobs within the NHS do not have to undertake anywhere near the same role as Emergency Medical Ambulance staff.

The petition was started to request a reduction in the retirement age for front line staff from 67 to 60, to bring us more in to line with our colleagues in our partner emergency services . Matt also believes that due to the way the job has changed, that this problem will be self resolving as most staff no longer have long careers within ambulance services.

“I want to see a change made before a colleague passes away on duty” States Matt Fisher “This is a career choice and we should enjoy a life after retirement”