What we have going on

At our event in January we have a number of things going on, PLEASE NOTE! not all is final. but if you scroll down you will see what the plan is

These are the Topics that we hope to cover.

Possibly more, or some open to change. but this is the plan.

On High Alert

Lessons from London Bombings


Challenges of Trauma faced by EMRTS, Including access issues, the extra skills provided and how we can integrate

Challenges of Mental Health

CONFIRMED : Mental health is a major challenge for us in regards to what we as pre-hospital care providers, we hope to give you the tools and knowledge to make those challenges a doddle, well easier!

Street Drugs

CONFIRMED :What’s on the streets right now, do you know?  you sure you know…… this session plans to make sense of what is out there, what the real problems are and these patients will present to us

Cardiac A&P

We all know the basics on the Cardiac System, right!  ok well, lets a go bit deeper

ECG Workshop

You can read that 12 lead ECG and you can identify the STEMI right. but what else can you see…

Burns Management

CONFIRMED: You may remember Patrick Bourke from previous years, well he’s back to refresh us and talk about new ideas

Introduction to PHTLS

Ever thought about looking into Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support course, well come along find out more and experience a look a snippet session and discussion about how you will benefit

Skill Stations

We aim to have a host of Skills Stations for you to refresh and learn new skills. See Below for some a list of SOME of the stations to be found

Some of the Skill Stations

  • Maternity complications
  • Paediatric assessment
  • Burns
  • Difficult Airways
  • Police Medics
  • Street Drugs, come and ask
  • Penthrox, what is it
  • Splinting
  • Bandaging, how do i bandage that head.. really
  • DNACPR / End of Life Care
  • Welfare Forms / Safeguarding
  • ECG’s – discuss things you have difficulty recognising
  • What am i listening too, Auscultation
  • & More……..

Build your portfolio

Building your portfolio can be a nightmare right

On hand will be experts in building your portfolio, come and speak with them freely on how to best achieve the best portfolio along with introducing you to tools to make the job a heck of a lot easier..

Our Aim is to make you have a great day, and learn as much as possible. I hope we achieve this for you


Please feedback to us on the day and also post event, how can we make it better for you?

Free Courses

Links coming shortly to free courses

Premium Courses

Links coming soon for Premium courses to help your CPD