BISMARCK, N.D. — A couple is promoting CPR training after a cardiac arrest close call.

The Dickinson Press reported that Greg Schuppe used his CPR training to save his wife, Laurie, when she went into sudden cardiac arrest.

“I started CPR right away, but I said her name and I think I said, ‘Jesus,'” Chuppe said. “Even though she didn’t have a heartbeat, it was like I knew this isn’t how it’s ending, but I knew I had to respond.”

Greg performed chest compressions for about seven minutes until an EMS crew arrived. Laurie made a full recovery after beinghospitalized for a week, and the two are now hoping their story will inspire others to learn CPR.

“You don’t ever think you’re going to use it,” Laurie said. “Of course, you hope you don’t have to.”

Greg also purchased an AED and now carries it with him in case of emergency.

“Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the United States … you’re going to be around someone or know someone who’s going through it. It is going to happen at some point,” he said.